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Why You Need to Avail Yard Cleanup Services?

Feeling tired every time you want to clean your lawns and garden?

it feels so unmotivated to see your garden area messy and untidy.
Great Canadian Landscape Inc. delivers high standard garden cleanup service in London, Ontario Canada, with the help of our skilled and experienced cleanup crews, they efficiently and effectively handle this kind of tedious work for every homeowner .

Speaking of cleanups, the basic garden and lawn cleanup services are the following,
Removal of fallen leaves, branches or wood. Overgrown turf or Grass will be properly trimmed down, the shrubs, bushes and trees will be pruned or if necessary knocked down, other garden furnishings such as tables, chairs and tents will be pulled out.

We do basic or depending on the home owners request all out yard cleanup and maintenance.
As part of our cleanup program, we also do weeding services removing unwanted weeds,and plants from your yard as well as trimming out the lawn.

Due to changes of seasons most property owners need to keep their backyard, garden, and lawn area prepared to face the harsh winter and also ready enough to welcome spring.

For this condition is is a great to avail spring / fall garden cleanup services and before we begin the cleaning, our landscaper Will visit your site and access the overall condition of your garden,and they may offer you as well some advice on how to take care of your property and suggest options that you might want to consider in order to improve the look of your home landscape.

Having us as your lawn and garden care providers, your outdoor space will be in a position of orderly and cleanliness, whatever season it is at the present.

Here are some of the frequent activities we do under garden and lawn clean up
services just to keep your yard neat and well kept.

Pruning shrubs and tree branches

It is very beneficial to keep tree branches and shrubs properly cut, so that they can focus their energy in flowering and building the fruit buds and also making their leaves more dense.

During harsh winters, snow, ice and moisture can injure the branches of trees and because of this damage, limbs should be pruned out to boost the health of the tree.

Shrubs and trees are important ornaments in the backyard, they provide shade and cool the surrounding area, that’s why it is necessary to prune them, to keep their height maintained and their crown under control.

Leaf Cleanup and Disposal

Leaves provide nutrients to your backyard garden and lawn soil. But too much of it makes your property look dirty, excessive leaves prevent sunlight from reaching your turf grass causing it to die and rot. Aside from that decaying leaves can bring fungal infestation and creepy critters to your garden or lawn.

We provide leaf cleanups and disposal, aside from leaves we must also take away all that can wreck your garden view including some debris, pesky weeds and twigs.

Weed Removal

This pesky garden enemies is the most usually encountered problem in your backyard,
Apart from being a nuisance, weeds compete with your plants for nutrients and space. They also tend to grow much faster than your regular garden plants within your property.

Great Canadian Landscape is here to help you weed out those unwanted plants aside from that we are here to condition your garden soil preparing your plants to blossom better in spring and summer.

Plant Beds Edging

This kind of procedure adds definition to your yard’s garden and lawn, the turf and the flower beds appear to have contras, it makes it easier to clean the lawn and plant beds.

The ending areas protects you plants from weeding and mowing activities it makes it more manageable to install irrigation system, as well as applying of pesticides and fertilizer

Mulching Services

Placing a good amount of mulch in your flower beds helps in moistening the soil, keeping the plants moist even in sunny days, aside from maintaining the moisture, mulch provides additional nutrients for the plants because it is created from organic matter such as sawdust, news paper leaves, hay and other biodegradable materials. Also adding thick amounts of mulch to your garden beds contribute a bit of insulation to your plants.

Great Canadian Landscape Inc. will help you, cleanup every untidy features in your Garden,

Through our yard cleanup program we assure to bring out the potential beauty of your home landscape.

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