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Where Can I Find the Finest Lawn Care Service in London, Ontario Canada?

Most homes in Canada require proper tending of their lawns and gardens, but as a homeowner it’s hard to keep a properly managed lawn area and garden.

And for that we need the help of trusted local lawn care service provider like Great Canadian Landscape inc.

We have the best lawn care services that are offered in London Ontario Canada.

We will provide spring or fall clean-ups, snow removal , lawn maintenance services and more. And we also specialize in pavements and patio Installation, not just cutting the grass and keeping your turf grass well trimmed but also transforming your lawn and garden area into a wonderful outdoor living space.

And for our lawn care services, here are the programs we provide, giving your lawn the essential tender love and care that they need in order for them to grow gorgeously green, healthy and pest free.


It is a procedure that requires puncturing small holes into the ground so your turf grass can get nutrients directly as well as underground ventilation in order for the turf roots to become strong and to keep turf beds cushy. This process is a bit time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.

But the benefits it gives to your turf grass is amazing, aside from improving air exchange to the roots, it also enhances the fertilizer up-taking, keeps the turf grass resistant to weather and environment stress as well as reduces rain water accumulation.

Lawn Fertilization

This is a great method to make your turf grass grow lush. Fertilizer is sometimes called “Plant food” it contains essential nutrients needed for plant growth, aside from water and sunlight.

The benefit of availing fertilization programs is to help your turf grass grow much fuller and it encourages stronger root growth and it also helps recover lost nutrients that the plant needs.

For lawn fertilization it is best that you apply this program to a trusted lawn care provider for the chemicals used in fertilization are harmful to your skin and should be handled safely.

Lawn Seeding

In other cases your lawn may need some repair from being torn or damaged and this requires a proper restoration approach, some of the factors that can damage your lawn are pests, weather, fungi or even pets. This is when lawn seeding becomes necessary to fix ruined lawn areas.

Lawn seeding or commonly known as over seeding targets spots in your lawn area that are bare, helping this area to rejuvenate back to its lush and healthy condition making it thick and stronger.

This method is highly efficient to bring life in your patchy lawns and is best when combined with aeration.


This is a process of removing thatch, these are dead reeds, leaves and any plant matter that accumulate in between the layer of growing turf grass and soil, it tightly merges with your growing turf grass and it is important that it should be removed.

Thatching allows more nutrients to the soil and enables water and air to pass through. It also improves the inner layer of the lawn to access more sunlight, water and nutrients and removing this material improves the appearance of your lawn area.

Lawn Pesticide Treatment Program

In order for your lawn to grow properly, you must make sure some pests are not around to ruin your area and property. There are some insects such as Japanese lawn beetles,aphids, fungi and bacteria that can bring havoc on your lawn and home garden.

Aside from bugs we need to target weeds as well for a healthy and lush green lawn, weeds tend to steal nutrients and water from your turf grass and can outgrown them.. That is why weeds need different pest control approaches aside from weeding in order for their seeds to die and not to grow back.


Is a fast method to have an instant lawn. It is extracting a layer of ground surface then putting rolled turf pieces and placing them over an existing ground to start a new lawn. Sodding program can make the lawn even and delightful. But it is difficult to install when you are all alone. That’s why, it is best to hand this job to a trusted and experienced lawn care maintenance contractor or provider.

Having to clean up your garden and managing your lawn area is not so hard when you give your trust to a skilled and trustworthy lawn care expert that will not just trim your lawn but also transform your greenery into a gorgeous outdoor living room extension.

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