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Lawn Care & Grass Cutting
London Ontario

Great Canadian Landscape Inc. provides top-notch lawn care services in London, Ontario. Our expert team of landscapers use the latest techniques and products to keep your lawn looking healthy and in-shape all season long. Our professional lawn care package includes mowing, weeding, aeration, fertilizing, trimming, pruning and more. 


Lawn Care Packages

What it is & Why You Need it:
A well-maintained lawn can add to the beauty of your home or business and create a welcoming environment. Not only that, but regular maintenance helps keep weeds at bay and can help prevent pests from invading your outdoor space. Moreover, keeping your lawn healthy and looking great will also increase its value!
The Solution:

Great Canadian Landscape Inc. offers various packages and customized solutions for lawn care and property maintenance. Contact us today for an estimate on your property.

Grass Cutting Services

What it is & Why You Need it:

A properly maintained lawn can increase the curb appeal of your home and also provide a healthy, safe environment for you and your family. By regularly mowing, trimming and edging your lawn, you’ll keep it looking neat and tidy year-round. Plus, professional grass cutting reduces the amount of weeds in your yard.

The Solution:
Looking for grass cutting services in London, Ontario? Great Canadian Landscape Inc. has you covered! We use the latest equipment to ensure a clean, even cut every time. Our grass cutting packages include weekly or bi-weekly mowing, trimming and edging of your lawn.
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Have a Problem With Your Yard?

We know it looks easy, but lawn care can be a chore. No matter what the issue, we are here to help.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Property Lawn Care

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