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Where can I avail lawn Pest Control Program in London, Ontario Canada?

Are you feeling irritated seeing bugs around your yard?

Why do pest seams to make your backyard garden or lawn area their home?

This pesky unwelcome guest are hard to get rib off, it makes you feel upset seeing your
Lawn becomes patched and damaged by these annoying critters.

Aside from insects that would infest your yard.
Weeds become a common homeowners problem and pest in the turf area, they not just destroy your green space they also take away essential nutrients from the soil that your turf grass needs, aside from that its roots can damage the ground and compete with water, space and sunlight needed for your plants and turf grass making them sickly and stunted.

Worry no more. You have a partner in eradicating pests in your property freeing your lawn from
Destructive insects, fungus and weeds. We will take care of your green-space and approach the problem with the most effective weed and pest control arsenal that we have.

We, at Great Canadian Landscape, are specializing in pest eradication and management through our lawn pest control program. Providing a safer and direct approach in clearing out, maintaining, and keeping your home property pest free.

We made a thorough assessment of your property on the kind of bugs that are present, the damage that it has caused to your lawn, locating its hideout and also the proper strategy crucial in eradicating these backyard parasites to prevent them from coming back to your lawn.

Lawn needs care, not just watering and fertilizing it. We must also take into consideration
Disease and pests that will damage your green-space, other times it requires a professional lawn care expert to tackle the problem because some bugs are very resilient and hard to eradicate like chinch bugs, chafer beetles, and webworms and for this kind of pest it is a number one requirement to apply pesticide in a direct and safe procedure.

Aside from availing pest control programs to your lawn, it is very essential to clean and keep the turf grass tidy and well maintained, for pest festers in dirty and unmanaged areas that is why thatching services are essential to keep lawns healthy. bugs prefer thick layers of accumulated thatch, this are layers of dead grass tissue, twigs and leaves. It is important that it is raked off.

Weeds are tough to remove for these plants are sturdy, even if you remove the whole plant body, some of its remaining roots may sprout out if there’s an opportunity, its seeds can also survive bitter winters and when the spring comes they grow back along with the turf grass and plants in your garden.

Also healthy and well managed lawns are less likely to have weeds, for a thick mat of turf grass can suffocate the developing weed sprouts and seeds. Thick blanket of turf grass prevents sunlight to interact with the weed roots hampering it to even start the germination. So that is why it is needed to keep your lawns well cared and trimmed.

Keeping your turf grass free from weeds requires not just availing de-weeding services, by improving the overall condition of your lawn area, weeds will not be having chances to even grow or multiply. We at Great Canadian landscape Inc. provide thatching, over-seeding and aeration services.
These services are essential in keeping the general condition of your lawn well and it also keeps the weeds out.

When you have applied thatching services, over-seeding and aeration programs and weeds tend to come back. That is when you need to avail pest control programs, our personnel will access the property, taking into consideration how the soil was prepared in the initial stage of planting the turf grass or sod. After that they may apply herbicide to kill directly the root system of weeds and seeds preventing another generation of weeds to bring havoc to your lawn.

You will have peace seeing your lawn and landscape free from pests and is growing vibrantly for Great Canadian Landscape, understands homeowners concerns and delivers effective solutions in pest eradication and lawn care maintenance.

What are you waiting for, please don’t be bothered to contact us and book for an appointment.
We assure to do the best lawn care services and pest control program in London, Ontario Canada.

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