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Tips for Safe and Effective Herbicide Spraying for Beginners

Do you not have the experience in spraying herbicides to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn?


It can get daunting, yes. But don’t you worry, Great Canadian Landscape Inc., one of the best landscaping services in Canada will give you a hand with tips and information about dealing with the pesky weeds you face and spraying herbicides that won’t kill your beloved lawn.

Despite how you may try everything to avoid weeds from growing in your lawn, they sprout up. But rest assured, this can happen to anyone, even to the most seasoned of gardeners. But what we can do is to take preventive measures to keep weeds from regularly growing into your lawn. Sound good?

Know what kind of weed you’re dealing with

Before going to the store and buying the herbicide, wouldn’t it be better to know what kind weed you’re dealing with so you can purchase the best herbicide to address your weed problems?

Now, here are the 3 classes of grass weeds that you will usually have to deal with when you’re going to spray herbicide on your lawn against weeds.

1.) The Grassy Type Weed – This is the type of weed that produces one seed leaf. Quite unsightly for one who wishes to have a good-looking lawn. Examples of these are: Crabgrasses, goosegrass, and rushes.

2.) The Sedges Type Weed – Similar to the grassy weed, it only produces one seed leaf but in a cross-section. Also quite unsightly.

3.) The Broadleaf Type Weed – This weed produces two seed leaves as the plant emerges and displays wider leaves and branched stems. Examples of broadleaf class weed are: The White Clover, dandelion, thistle, and worst of all Poison Ivy. Yikes!

Weeds usually have two growth habits. Annual and Perennial. Annual weeds are easy enough to control and deal with as they only last one season compared with the perennial weed that re-spawns every season.

Know the kind of herbicide to use on your weed-infested lawn

Now that you know the type of weed you’re dealing with, you are well-informed you’re prepared to go to the hardware store and get the appropriate herbicide to take care of your weed problem. It pays to know the right herbicide to use when spraying on a specific weed.

A herbicide label usually informs you in great detail of the list of weeds it can exterminate. Consider first the kind of herbicide you require or you may end up using the wrong herbicide and end up causing more damage to your lawn.

There are two known herbicide types that are used in home gardens and lawns to kill weeds; These are Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Herbicide. Pre-emergent herbicide targets weeds before they start to germinate and it also kills dormant weed seeds, while Post emergent Herbicide attacks actively growing weeds killing them before they reproduce.

Things to consider before and after spraying herbicide

· Don’t forget to wear protective equipment to protect yourself from chemicals

Don’t forget to wear protective equipment such as hats, goggles, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, face shields, dust masks, disposable jumpsuits, chemical aprons, and gloves. As your hands are the most commonly contaminated area of the body. Herbicides or any pesticide is harmful to the body and can cause serious allergic reactions.

· Thoroughly read the labels of herbicides and strictly follow the guidelines stated by the manufacturer

Carefully read and follow the instructions and guidelines stated on the herbicide label as it will greatly assist you. Don’t pretend to be an expert and do things your way. The instruction and guidelines are there for a reason.

· Check the herbicide sprayer for any issues

You may want to assess your sprayer for any issues it may have. Fix any problems like leaks or busted valves and adjust the pressure regulator to acquire precise spray pressure.

· Spray the herbicide during good weather conditions

It would be advisable for you to do the spraying when it’s nice, Doing so in unpredictable weather conditions like rainy and windy days may cause the herbicide to drift in nearby areas that can cause harm to your desirable plants. Or even land on your neighborhood backyard, we don’t want any argument with your neighbors right.

· Fill the herbicide sprayer with an adequate amount of water or herbicide formula as needed

Make sure to only fill the sprayer with the appropriate volume of water or herbicide formulation you need, starting with moderate agitation and continue as needed and read carefully the manual

· Target only the weeds you want

Use the herbicide spray only on the unwanted weed. You do not want to spray herbicide on the wrong plant. You can use a foam applicator for precise spraying. You do want to exterminate only the unsightly plants in your lawn right?

· Maintain Proper Distance When Spraying

When spraying, do maintain a distance of approximately 2 feet above the desired target for optimum coverage and to reduce potential drifting of herbicide.

· Thoroughly clean herbicide sprayer before reloading new herbicide

Thoroughly clean the sprayer before loading new herbicide as failure or neglect to clean the sprayer can cause the old and new herbicide to mix and produce faulty herbicide or worst undesirable reactions that can be harmful to you or your garden.

· Clean all equipment after spraying weeds

This should be obvious. It is imperative to properly and thoroughly clean all your equipment as chemical components from the herbicide may contaminate your garden apparatus and always store the herbicide solution in a labelled container away from pets and children.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy and most importantly weed-free home landscape and if you’re not so sure of using these chemicals since herbicide is toxic and should be handled with care, it is nice that you leave it with the expert like Great Canadian Landscape Inc.

Need a helping hand with your lawn or upgrade your residential gardens appearance, but Don’t have the time to do it by yourself? Great Canadian Landscape Inc. is one of Canada’s recommended Landscapers that gladly serves with high standard professional service leaving customers well satisfied.

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