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Benefits to Having a Well-Maintained Lawn

I think it is pretty obvious that we all want those picturesque looking lawns we see in movies.


The grasses evenly cut, children happily playing with their trusty dog playfully chasing them. And with a little effort on your part, you can achieve it as well.

Ok, so it’s spring season again. This is the season where we all clean our house and clean-up our lawn, did you know that having a well-maintained lawn not only improves and beautifies your home but also adds certain elements that can benefit you and your family as well?

Here at Great Canadian Landscape inc. will let you in on the advantages and benefits that you can gain from having a well-maintained lawn.

1.) Investing in consistent lawn maintenance helps you to save more money

Maintaining your lawn can be so daunting, especially when it comes to the cost of maintaining it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. The main reason why most people often don’t invest in lawn maintenance because of the added expenses to their budget. But what they don’t know is that by investing in lawn maintenance they save more money as opposed to consistently having to spend to fix their otherwise unruly lawn. The case is also the same with the installation of irrigation water systems.

2.) Having a well-maintained lawn can increase your house’s property value

Ok, so you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon. But consider this. Did you know that by investing in lawn maintenance you can increase your property value? Sure it will cost you some money, but consider the benefits by just keeping your lawn well maintained.

It not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also its value, about 71% of home-buyers say that having a home with a curb appeal has a great factor in the decision of house buying. Moreover, your property aesthetic wise also helps how your neighbor’s property will look.

3.) Healthy lawn equals a healthier family

When you have a well-kept lawn, it tends to be inviting, safe, and most of all a comfortable place to play. Having open space encourages children to get out and play, thus reducing their risk of being overweight. Getting exercise is one benefit gained from having a healthy lawn that can reduce the risk of circulatory diseases as well as gaining weight.

Aside from health benefits a healthy lawn prevents kids from having accidents while playing and doing recreational activities in the yard. Thanks to properly maintained lawns, by absorbing impact and pollutants, kids are safe doing things they love at.

4.) It creates an environment of relaxation

A healthy lawn’s clean grassy area can affect a person’s moods by creating feelings of serenity, privacy, relaxation, tranquility, and giddiness.

Sick people can also recover much faster when they have a wonderful garden or lawn area to look at. Having a beautiful greenspace adds life and cheerfulness to your home.

5.) Having a healthy lawn absorbs air pollutants

Did you know that by having a healthy lawn, you contribute to ensuring the stability of our atmosphere? You may not be aware of it, but having a healthy lawn helps fight pollution in isolating the toxic particles that can harm the ozone layer. The next time you have a sit down with your children, you may want to relay this little to them especially with you more nature-loving children.

6.) It has a cooling benefit on your environment

Did you know that front lawns containing an average of eight homes have the cooling effect of around 70 tons of air conditioning while an average home-size central air conditioning unit only has about three to four tonnes capacity? So instead of buying more air conditioners, why not look to improve your lawn that can actually give you a more natural cool breeze? Plus, it reduces your electric bill by a considerable amount.

Are weeds giving you trouble? Need a hand with your lawn? Want to upgrade your lawn and garden? Great Canadian Landscape Inc. is one of the most recommended Landscaping Services in London, Ontario Canada, specializes in turning your lawn look good as new, if not better.

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