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The Most Highly Recommended Weed Control Program in London, Ontario

You have recently trimmed your lawn thinking you did a good job.

It even looks good. Except for one small detail, you might have overlooked. You were so busy trimming your lawn that you didn’t quite notice that funny looking grass that looks out of place. A week has gone by and you go out to trim your lawn again, you were shocked to see unsightly looking plants have taken over your lawn and you have started to notice that your lawn has not been looking their best lately. Those unsightly looking plants that have devastated your lawn my friend are pesky weeds.

         Weeds are highly irritating pests If left unchecked, they can prove to be a real nuisance to your lawn, even to your family. To the majority of people unlearned in the art of weed control this task may seem quite difficult and daunting as it can cause more problems rather than solutions.

Fortunately, Great Canadian Landscape inc. has your back on this.

Know what type of weed you are dealing with

It pays to know what type of weed you are dealing with because certain types of plants require certain approaches. One solution to one problem may not work with another. There are different kinds of weed such as crabgrass, quack grass, broad leaf, dandelion, and etch. As well as other weeds that develop a peculiar life cycle such as weeds that grow in one growing season and die by fall, and another is Annual weeds that grow late summer and are resilient during winter.

Weed Prevention

One of the most important things to keep your lawn on check from weeds is to run weed preventive measures. This is what keeps weeds from growing on your lawn in the first place. Weeds are a nasty business and can be an obstacle on your once dashing lawn. They compete for the nutrients, light, water that your grass deeply needs. For lawns that are untreated against weeds, you can most certainly expect that weeds will grow on your lawn.

Have your lawn conduct pre-weed treatment such as spraying herbicides designed to specifically target germinating weed seeds preventing it from sprouting from the 1st place. if the weeds are mature and establish a root system it is appropriate to apply post emergence herbicide, this type of weed control prevents weeds from coming back in one season or much longer.

Killing weeds ensures that you have a healthy lawn

Weeds are an eyesore and can cause damage to your once dashing lawn. They take-up most nutrients, light, and water and also they compete for space. Killing weeds eliminates the competition to your Lawn, helping it to absorb most nutrients and water they need thus providing them the energy for growth and reproduction.

You can also prevent weeds from germinating into mature grass through aeration coupled with over-seeding, this type of lawn care program can also suffocate the weed seeds aside from repairing patchy lawns. Preventing weeds from accessing sunlight and space for growth by over-seeding can halt it from sprouting and reproducing.

Weed eradication decreases potential health risk

Garden weeds can potentially cause some health risk to your family, especially those who have asthma and allergies, getting rid of weeds eliminates that complication. In addition, some weeds can be poisonous to your household pets too.

Kids play sports and other recreational activities in the lawn area, maintaining a properly trimmed and weed free green space prevents injury while your children are at play.

If nothing seems to work, seek professional help

You have tried your best but nothing seems to work. Weeds become hard to control, making your lawn look terrible.
Do not worry, things might not work out the way we want, it is time to apply for professional help in your battle against weeds.

Not everyone is blessed to have a green thumb, thankfully, Great Canadian Landscape Inc. is one of the most highly recommended lawn care providers that is here to help you eradicate those pesky weeds in your lawn ones and for all.

Serving in London Ontario, Canada and other nearby cities you are guaranteed not to worry about weeds anymore.

For more about Great Canadian Landscape and the weed control program it offers kindly visit our website at :

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