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Simple Tips in Taking Care for Your Lawn and Cutting Grasses.

Are you feeling tired having to do grass cutting? Doing this task is a bit time consuming especially when you have demanding office work and household chores to do.


Managing the entire yard is a hard job and aside from trimming the lawn, pest and seasonal changes desecrate the appearance of your lawn. For that you need a bit of knowledge in lawn care and a trusted lawn care maintenance expert.

A properly maintained lawn adds beauty to the home landscape, it reflects the character of the homeowner that he/she is a responsible, reliable and reputable person. By preserving the cleanliness and orderliness of the home property, it establishes the homeowner to become a good example to the neighborhood and community.

Yet sometimes keeping the lawn tidy is easier said than done.
Do not worry anymore! In working to keep your lawn condition neat and tidy.
You have a partner that guarantees to fix your lawn concerns, at Great Canadian Landscape Inc.

Doing lawn mowing, cleanups and maintenance regularly is not too bothersome if you have a trustworthy landscaper as your garden companion in preventing your lawn from pest, weathering and other lawn hassles that could possibly arise, as your turf grass ages.

But before you start cutting off the grasses and taking care for your lawn, here are a few tips you need to take note.

1) Mow Early in The Morning

It is best to mow the lawn when the sun is just rising, it prevents turf grass from acquiring too much stress from cutting, thus helping it for faster recovery and helps in retaining moisture. Furthermore it is also convenient to work when the sun is not too high during the day.

2) Do not Dump The Grass Clipping on the Trash

You should consider where to gather all the grass clippings and not just throwing it away, it is highly beneficial to apply dried-up grass clipping to your garden beds as a fertilizer apart from that, this organic layer conserves moisture to the ground underneath adding additional nutrients and moist to your garden plants.

3) Apply Fertilizer

Heavy rains can erode away nutrients from the soil, throughout the year nitrogen and other compounds essential for growth are also being used up by the turf grass for growing, that is why you need to add fertilizer or apply for a lawn fertilization program to promote roots and leaf growth as well as to replace nutrients that are removed from the ground.

Fertilizer is considered as “plant food” and you must select the best fertilization program that suits the condition of your lawn. A trusted lawn care maintenance provider like Great Canadian Landscape Inc. can help you in the proper preparation and application of the fertilizer.

4) Maintain Sharp Mower Blades

Please do not mow your lawn area using dull or rusted mower blades, this can allow bugs and diseases to slip into the exposed roots, cut-open stem and leaves of your turf grass, it could also discolor your lawn or kill your grass. Aside from that it is much inefficient to cut grasses using blunted blades, and this can turn your backyard work more tedious.

It is much better and easier to work using sharp mower blades, your grass will be cleanly cut reducing the damage to the turf grass and i would like to recommend sharpening your Mower blades after 25 to 30 sessions, but this also varies depending on how often it is used.

5) Weed Control

Weeds are not pleasant to look at, this pest absorbs the essential nutrients and water needed by your turf grass, it also competes with space and if not eradicated completely it will be too hard to control.

If the weeds still persist, it is best to call a trusted local lawn care expert like Great Canadian Inc. so that they may apply de-weeding services or herbicide to thoroughly eradicate persistent weed infestation in your yard.

In controlling weeds, you must target its root system as you pull it out, also it is much easier pulling weeds when the ground is wet after the rain, as well as getting rid of it when it is still young. Mature weeds are hard to get rid of, Another thing is that applying over-seeding of turf seeds will choke the germination of weeds and its dormant seeds preventing them from maturing.

6) Watering The Lawn

Maintain that your lawn is properly hydrated during hot summer months, invest in a more efficient irrigation system or lawn sprinklers, that waters the lawn longer but not too frequently. It is best that you irrigate the lawn area early in the morning or during sunset to prevent evaporation as well as to saturate the soil.

These are just some of the few tips we advise in caring for your lawn, and for more information we highly recommend to visit and avail lawn care services at Great Canadian Landscape Inc.

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