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Property Maintenance to Keep Your Landscape and Hardscape Looking Great Throughout The Year

Ah! How time flies! Like a blink of an eye, it’s already spring season.

It feels as if winter was just yesterday. Now it’s spring. And you know what that means. Spring is the best season to start conducting property maintenance because the last season has likely done damage specifically to your lawn and backyard garden.

We do this to assess any possible damages done to the property or if there are some parts of the property that may need fixing or refurbishing. First and foremost, let us address what we can do to your Home’s overall landscape.

Conducting Maintenance on Your Garden and Outdoor Structures

1.) Conduct a thorough assessment of your property


 First and foremost, take a walk around the entire premises and assess the area for damages caused by the winter or a storm. Were there any issues that need addressing? For example: Did the last winter’s thaw cycle cause any damages like broken branches, debris, loose paving stones, and etcetera that can potentially cause harm to a person?

You may want to search for any holes or cracks on patios, garden retaining walls, paving, as well as your lawn and garden beds. This ensures that you keep your home landscape safe and prevent future greater property damage.

2.) Power wash your hardscape

Molds, mud and lichens can especially look bogging on your concrete and pavement, which makes it dirty and slipper. Conduct power washing to ensure that your parkway, parking lot, and patio are clean. Great Canadian Landscape Inc. offers pressure washing services to wash away dirt and impurities in your outdoor stone structures to make them look new and fresh.

3.) Clean fallen debris on your property

 Picking fallen debris on your property such as bricks, trash, sticks, twigs, etcetera. This will allow clean fresh air to circulate to the turf grass, preventing diseases and bugs that can harm your lawn.

If the task seems heavy or complicated it is best that you apply for property clean-up services from a trusted landscaper or garden maintenance provider like Great Canadian Landscape Inc.

4.) Assess, and test the irrigation system

 As soon as the winter’s frost is over, test and assess the irrigation system’s nozzles, sprinklers, valves, and controller if they are still usable. Due to extreme cold, irrigation systems may malfunction, causing inefficient water distribution.

Check to see if there are problems with your irrigation or drainage to prevent waterlogged damage or dryness to the Garden beds and lawn. This is important so that all the plants can get enough water and nutrients that they need in all seasons.

5.) Repair or replace damaged turf and apply garden fertilization programs
You may opt to apply herbicides or fertilizers when needed or avail even of insect control programs on your lawn. As warmer months are the best season, for some pests to reproduce. You may also want to loosen the soil and spread some turf grass seed to regrow any damaged parts.

Re-sod any areas that are largely damaged by the winter frost. Not giving it the proper attention sets a bad attribute on your part, as neglect will allow unsightly weeds such as crabgrass to take over. Not a good view for your otherwise dashing lawn.

6.) Consider hiring professionals when conducting property maintenance

It would be advisable to hire professionals to accompany you when you conduct your Garden maintenance because they have extensive knowledge and experience to address the parts of the property that may require improvements or fixing.

With different aspects of the property come different approaches to addressing its problem. For example, to conduct lawn maintenance, you may want to hire a lawn-maintenance expert to address problems regarding your lawn like bugs, weeds, and most of all health.

Are you having trouble and in need of help maintaining your home landscape? Does your garden need some upgrades to have the best outdoor features? Great Canadian landscape Inc. services will help transform your property into a vibrant and lively outdoor living area.

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