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Landscaping Services
London Ontario

Our Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services

Expert Landscaping Contractors and Custom Designs

Every Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance and Winter Snow Removal client is important to us. Our aim is to earn your business and more important, your satisfaction.

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Our Landscape Designer has a very extensive background in creating functional designs fitting everyone’s needs. 


Property Maintenance

Regular property maintenance is necessary for your home and landscape up-keep, and the work can be tedious without the right equipment or expertise. Let us manage the big jobs – Spring/Fall Cleanups, Snow removal, Tear-outs, and more.


Patios are a great way to extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors. At Great Canadian Landscape (GCL), we can help you create a beautiful patio that will become your favourite place to relax and entertain. From design to installation, our landscapers will help you create the perfect patio for your property.

Ponds/Water Features

Looking to add a sense of tranquility to your yard? From bubbling rocks to cascading waterfalls. If you love spending time in your backyard or would like a reason to, call us today about setting up a design for you and creating a serene environment for your outdoor living space. 

Have a Problem With Your Yard?

We know it looks easy, but landscaping can be a chore. No matter what the issue, we are here to help.
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