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Looking for Garden Maintenance Services in London, Ontario Canada?

Having a garden and keeping it up with the changing seasons, looking at the condition of its soil and maintaining its overgrowth is somewhat exhausting.

Aside from that, it is also hard to get rid of pests and keep the lawn tidy. You can ease your hassles by looking for an expert landscaping contractor that specializes in garden maintenance services.


Well, We Have Your Back!


Great Canadian landscape Inc. offers landscaping services and garden maintenance services to address the problems concerning your garden. Our skilled crew and professional landscapers will examine the problem and condition of your garden. They are skillfully trained to enhance landscaping, maintain your garden’s crowding plants and overgrowth, and restore soil nutrients and natural soil pH. As well as cleanups, pruning and plant irrigation.

Our team will take great care of your garden.

We provide the best garden maintenance service in London, Ontario Canada such as spring and fall garden cleanups, leaf cleanups, fertilization programs, tree and shrub plantings and garden pond installation.

We also have other lawn and garden enhancement services we can provide to our clients. And for that we specialize in patio and walkways installation, paving, fire pits installation, drainage and pruning programs and many others, just so to make your outdoor living space look wonderful.

We at Great Canadian Landscape Inc. deliver the best landscaping and garden maintenance services for your home garden and commercial properties guaranteeing our clients that they could have a beautiful landscape to behold.

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How to Maintain Your Garden Properly?


Sometimes keeping up with your garden’s flowers and plants condition, watering it and raking off the dirt is not enough, we might as well need to consider other issues that could be overlooked in order for your garden to grow healthy, other than that it is also important you have a proper irrigation and drainage system, you should evaluate too if the vegetation has gone wild, this could lead to some plants competing for sunlight and nutrients, by not doing so some small plants will die out and ruin the overall landscape.

In order for you to have a successful, well-maintained and lovely-looking garden you will need to depend on a trustworthy and experienced Garden Maintenance Contractor or landscaping company that takes into consideration other unseen problems regarding your outdoor space and for your peace of mind.

Definitely, you need to contact us and make use of our special services dedicated to bringing out the best in your homestead garden. Here at Great Canadian Landscape inc. We go along with your suggestions and will help you with the design, maintenance and renovation of your garden.

We provide Spring or Fall Cleanups, depending on how dense the vegetation and your demands, we can schedule a monthly or quarterly cleaning aside from that we offer Pruning services just to keep those trees, bushes and hedges in a manageable condition.

Your lawn can become patchy from seasonal change, we have a range of Lawn care maintenance to keep it thriving and makes its condition lush green such as Aeration, Lawn Fertilization, Seeding and Dethatching.

And aside from lawn maintenance, we have a Tree and Shrubs Planting Program as part of our garden maintenance program. Adding gorgeous trees and woody plants to your garden adds a bit of charm and helps your green space keep up with the tougher seasons.

Plants need watering but it is essential that we must not waste water and money, let us manage how we used this precious resource for the overall productivity and health of your garden, and for this, we provide Drainage Maintenance & Repairs services.

We can modify your drainage system to give optimal efficiency in watering your plants, we can also apply this program as needed like Surface or Sub-surface irrigation, Slope or Downspout/Gutter system.

Concerned about the safety of your property during the winter, there is no need to worry, Great Canadian Landscape Inc. Snow Removal Services are available from December to the end of February every year. You can call us during the winter season just so your area is safe from trip and fall, another of the services we include in winter is Salting which decreases additional ice accumulation.

Throughout the year Great Canadian Landscape has a lot to offer you,

Our clients are well satisfied with all the services we provide, from landscape to lawn repair and installation, snow and ice management and even masonry for patios, walkways and fire pits.  We at Great Canadian got it all for you.

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